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The Magic of
Unlikely Alliances


The bubbles we live and work in are hard to break and there is a lack of opportunity to connect laterally, across disciplines, generations and sectors.It’s dangerous to assume that teams are collectively intelligent just because they are made up of intelligent people.



There is a new frontier of knowledge to be discovered. It sits at the intersection between disciplines. We need to look beyond our standard approach to problem solving. This starts by convening a diverse combination of perspectives around the problem so that we deeply understand it before jumping into solutions.

Unlikely Alliances
When two or more fields of expertise discover a common thread, creating an opportunity for parallel learning.


We have the power to broaden our trusted circles, diversify our echo chambers to increase our peripheral vision. And if we do that, we can begin to explore the intersections of our expertise.

Are you curious to learn more about the magic of unlikely alliances? If you are interested in learning more about how to incorporate Unlikely Alliances into your organisation, do reach out!

We are curating a cross-disciplinary Unlikely Alliance Network and offer Discovery Workshops to incorporate the learnings within your organisation.

Email Nishita on to discuss further or to enquire about the Unlikely Alliances Network

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